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Gerd Hoefner


Gerd Hoefner, born on 22 April 1959, holds a master degree in Computer Science with Business Economics from the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

He started his career in 1986 with Siemens in Erlangen, Germany, where he worked in Software Engineering methodology and tools related areas for the Energy and Automation group. In 1991, he joined Siemens Corporate Technology (CT), where he was involved in a number of international research projects connected with advances in software engineering. In 1996, he went on to head the department for Systems Engineering within CT. Subsequently in 1999, he joined the Siemens Automation and Drives Group as the General Manager for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Among other things, he was responsible for the integration of Orsi Automazione S.p.A. an Italian supplier of MES solutions, into Siemens. In addition, Gerd Hoefner was a guest lecturer for Software Engineering at the Johannes-Kepler University in Linz, Austria and the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg. In addition, he was a part-time teacher at a full-time vocational school. Through his different assignments, he has worked in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy, besides Germany. Since 2002, Gerd Hoefner has been based in Bangalore, India, where he presently holds the position of the Managing Director and CEO of Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd. (STS). STS employs about 4,500 professionals and combines services, research and development to generate technological innovations for Siemens.

In addition to his position as MD of STS, he is also responsible for Siemens’ global Corporate Development Center (CT DC). CT DC is an in-house development center with about 4,300 engineers, providing product development services for Siemens businesses out of more than 20 locations across 9 countries.

Gerd Hoefner is also a member of the board of Directors of Method Park Holding AG and Method Park Software AG in Germany, a member of the South Western Region Council of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, a member of the European Business Group Bangalore and a member of the Siemens Software Strategy Board.