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Nivruti Rai

Intel India
Senior Director of IDGz

Nivruti has been the Director of IDGz for more than 8 years. She is responsible for development and growth of a young team of 500 engineers who design, validate and integrate Analog IP (DDR, DP, LVDS, PLL/DAC, Compiled Memories, VR) and SIP and IP Subsystems (Services and Sensor Hub, MIPI, DFX, IOSF, Bridges) Clients, Servers and SOC products.

Nivruti holds a Master’s degree in Operations Research and Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University. She reached coveted Principal Engineer position at Intel in a short duration of 8 years while being part of the CPU development team, where she worked with design, process and research teams to optimize CPU performance and power. She moved to Bangalore from the U.S. in 2005. She worked on 3 generations of Graphics and Memory Controller Hub, she was responsible for taping out 2 of these GMCH Chipsets, with complete architecture and design ownership to validation and internal as well as customer delivery. She has authored more than 10 technical papers and has multiple patents on Integrated circuits, Design methodology and Operational research. In 2006, Nivruti was honored as the first person to receive Oversees Citizenship Card by Prime Minister's Office, Government of India. Nivruti was given the 2009 Oregon Stater Award and was inducted in their "Academy of Distinguished Engineers" category. This was an honor given to 2 other Intel Engineers in the past 15 years, by her alma-mater Oregon State University.

In the hobbies side, Nivruti has a Masters in Hindustani Music and a Bachelors in Classical dance Kathak. As a community service, she and her team have adopted a village Bagaluru in India and are working to improve quality of life through education, awareness for cleanliness, supporting old homes and hospitals through donations.